Why do men believe they can tell women what to think?

antique picture of Victorian men and women talking
Let me explain this to you, young lady

For some mysterious reason, there is always somewhere a man with an urge to tell a woman what are the right opinions (his opinions, of course).

Normally, I just dismiss dinosaurs and block trolls. But, like many other women online, I’ve had enough.

The contemptuous tone of injured superiority, the outright dismissal of my arguments, was something I’m familiar with. This was a man in disbelief that a woman dared raise her voice.

It is a strange contradiction: If my opinion has so little value, why put so much effort into shooting it down?



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Mercedes Cardona

Mercedes Cardona

Ex AP, Ad Age, Gannett. My opinions have always been my own. If truth is a weapon, I'm an active shooter.